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Every lady of the day has to have a purse to complete their outfit right? Make of matching or contrast fabric.

This tutorial was generously donated my IGMA Artisan Gisele Sullivan  Very nice of her and Thank-You!!

Make a Fringed Baluchon Purse 


A piece of fabric 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
1 3/4" Long 3/4" Wide Lace
1 3/4" - 3/8" Lace
Silk Thread,  Beads,  Silk Ribbon
Small Piece of Batting or Cotton Ball
Thickened Tacky Glue,  Modge Podge
Scissor,  Thread,  Sewing Needle

Step 1

Take your piece of fabric and fringe the bottom 1/2 way ( 3/4" inch). Run a small line of modge podge above the fringes

Step 2

Glue your piece of 3/4" lace glue over the upper part of the fabric, leaving 1/8" unglued at the bottom. Let dry

Step 3

Run gathering stitches where indicated.

Step 4

Fold the piece in two glue where indicated. Let dry.

Step 5

Turn right side out.

Step 6

Run gathering stitches at the top.

Step 7

Take your piece of batting or cotton ball and stuff in the purse.

Step 8

Pull the top gathering stitches double knot and cut the excess thread.

Step 9

Take a silk thread and tie as indicated. The length is up to you but 1" should be good. Stuff inside the purse up to the knot and secure with a dab of tacky glue.

Step 10

Take your 1/8" Lace, gather and tie the 2 ends of the thread.

Step 11

Slip over the silk thread and glue in place.

Step 11

You can embellish the purse as you wish with silk bows, roses and beads.

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