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The Lacy Hat ! 

By Kathi R. Mendelhall of La Petite Belle Patterns

Step 1


Gather your tools. I have a 5/8" dowel and a 3/4" dowel with a half ball on top. You can use either. A circle template, scissors, rose tool, needle tool, glue, tweezers and a small white floral stem.  

Step 2


Interview your fabrics. Pull out the fabric with your lace and see which sheer voile you have that looks best with your lace. My lace is a very light pink, so I have to choose between ecru and ivory.   Use a color wheel to help you decide what colors will be best for your hat if you are not sure. Analogous is all one color, complementary is on opposite sides of the color wheel. Select the color for your hat band and highlight ribbons. Here I have chosen a soft green.  It's time to select ribbons for your roses. I like a bit of contrast so went for a deep red color.   I've selected more colors in ecru's that I like with the red and rose colors.


Step 3


If you do not have a circle template a pill bottle or something of a round nature will be helpful. The outside diameter should be 1 1/2" - 2". (3.81 - 5.08 CM)

Step 4


Cover your dowel tool with a plastic wrap, voile and lace. Here I have used a "twisty", but later I change it to a rubber band. A rubber band is better. Pull the fabric all around until straight under the band and spray with your stiffener. I used Aleene's in this project. Set aside for a few hours to dry.

Step 5


Form a circle of the wire into about a 1 1/2" (3 CM) circle. Keep it round.
Glue the wire to the voile and let the glue dry.

Trim around the outside and leave at least 1/8" (2mm) extra.


Add glue around the wire on the inside edge. Let it get a bit tacky. Start folding the voile to the inside and stick it into the glue. Keep the wire round. Take your time. It might take a few times around.  Use the needle tool to make the edge nice and sharp. You can trace around the edge with the needle tool.

Step 6


Find the center and mark a 5/8" circle. (10mm) Mark it with a pencil.

While the glue is still drying, I look at the design on my lace. Since most of the lace on the front is covered with flowers I want to show off the lace on the back.   So, I think this is where I want to cut my lace. Okay, the glue should be dry.

Step 7


Cut lace to fit inside the upper circle of the brim and glue down to the voile. Tuck into the edges with a needle tool. Cut the little center out of hat brim.

Now it is time to make roses. I make 2 roses all one color, then the next rose is a dark center and the next color lighter as the outside. Then 2 roses of the medium color, and so on. I finish up with the last rose with a light center and the first color on the outside.

Make some buds. They are around the tool with one or two folds only.

Step 8


Trim the center to make tabs.

Once the lace and voile are dry, you can remove it from the dowel. Carefully remove the plastic as it will stick a little bit.

The hat crown height is about 1/2". (8mm) Trim it even. I have used the dowel to help keep it straight



Step 9


Use your dowel as a jig. Place the crown on the dowel and run a bead of glue.  Hat brim and crown ready to join.  Slide the brim over the crown and even it up. Don't worry about the tabs. They will be hidden.



Step 10

Glue the ribbon band around the crown.  You may want to add a piece of ribbon along the side to hang down over the edge. If you'd like to add some wire here, that would be okay, too.


Start adding your roses. Remember to mix up the colors. Kind of like two steps forward and one step back.

Use the needle tool to add some ribbon loops inside the flower arrangement.  Add a 7mm ribbon for more accent. 

Step 11

Finally, something to show! I have added the 12 roses and the 9 buds. I don't think it is enough. So I have to make more.

Step 12

A drum roll Please!!


Thank you for visiting my site and hopefully you enjoyed my tutorial.

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