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Look at those Shoes ! 

Step 1

Collect all your supplies including pattern, fabrics, card stock, glue, scissors and trims.  

Step 2

Interview the fabrics you want to use for the design and cut off a small piece of fabric for each. I decided on the stripe and the Swiss Batiste for the inner sole lining. I have traced the pattern on sheer paper for the vamp and the insole on cardstock. The insole has been cut out. Lay the pattern on the shoes and pay attention to the design. Glue the card lightly to the batiste on the bias.  

Step 3

Trim the shoes along the edge of the pattern as shown. You may want to stop the frays on this fabric. Trim out the insoles leaving about 1/8” or 2mm around the outside edge.

Step 4

Glue the edges of the batiste to the sole and keep the edges smooth. Take your time and wait until dry to trim away the excess.  

Step 5

Pick up one of the vamp pieces and turn right side down. Place the covered insole right side down on top of it. I start at the toe. I use magnification and often a needle tool. Glue the toe edge to the sole edge of the insole. Work slowly. Keep the toe smooth.

Turn the shoe over to check your progress

Step 6

Once the toe is smooth, turn over the shoe and insert a toothpick or a stick. (An orange stick works fabulously.)

Step 7

Turn the shoe back over to the wrong side. Leaving the stick in to give the instep a rise, continue to glue the sole and the vamp together. The back is not yet closed.

Step 8

When you get to the very end you join the heel. You can pinch them together or you can over lap the fabrics and trim away the excesses. Here I am pinching the heel together.

Step 9

Now to complete the shoe you will need some very fine leather. This is some wallet lining. You can purchase pigskin and a skiver and dye it if you like. To make the heels there are a number of methods. I have shown some of the items for heels below. There are beads, carved wood, metal eyelets, and not shown shaped clays. I have chosen to demonstrate a simple method.

Step 10

Glue the bottom of the shoe and place it on the suede side of the leather. The smooth side is now the sole. You can also make the sole of brown or painted cardstock if you do not have leather. (You may fill in the sole area between the glued fabrics with card, however for this demonstration, I did not. The shoe is so tiny that I don’t think it important.)

Step 11

Trim away the excess leather after the sole has dried. Trim carefully

Step 12

 Cut a strip of leather, about 1/8” or 2mm, and add some glue to the sued side. Roll the leather about three times to make a coil and trim excess. Glue this to the heel area of the shoe sole. (Place the seam side to the front.)

Step 13

 Pinch the shoe a little to give the shoe shape. Shape your heel up and the toe down.

Finished Shoe and Display

 A little snip of the bud from Buds-n-Bows Trim added.

 Display the shoe with a completed outfit. The shoe and dress pattern and contained in La Petite Belle Pattern #2003. The hat is rolled straw; the pattern contains separate instructions for a different hat. Click here to find pattern.

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