First Hour - Here come the tubes.
5.5 lb, 18.5" long, Born 11/27 9:03PM. 6 weeks early the little stinker.

Sleepy Head - Day 3

No More Ventilator, I Can Scream Now!!! - Day 4

Mommy gets to hold me for the first time - Day 4

Daddy's Turn - Day 5

Is there a cuter baby out there?? - Day 4

Sleeping Angel - Day 4

Even his feet are precious. - Day 5

My Daddy's Big hands - Day 4

Graduation Day- Move to Isolet(my nurse keeps making me mad!) - Day 4

My many moods...I'm a complicated Guy - Dec 5

I am moved to an open crib.
I promptly pulled out my feeding tube so mom and dad can see my cute face without tubes and tape.- Dec 8

Bath time. Mom's got blackmail pictures now.

Is there a cuter hiney out there? Oooppss...I got my mom's thighs...hahaha.

Stop it more pictures!- Dec 8

That bath was hard work.- Dec 8

On my way home!- Dec 19

Mom and Dad and Me.